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Upgrade to 1080p & 7 more social destinations
  • Stream in High Definition
  • Stream to seven more social destinations…simultaneously
  • 17 Destinations in All!
  • +$30/Month
Add Roku & Amazon Apps & Branded VOD Website Player
  • Show branded app on Roku
  • Show branded app on Amazon Fire
  • Show branded Video-On-Demand player for your website
  • Dedicated content manager to update content
  • Inquire About Pricing aaron@e360tv.com
Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • 3 Social Media Posts Per Week
  • Includes up to three social media platforms
  • One Custom Post per Week
  • Monthly Brand and Marketing Review
  • +$249/month

About Trajectoy TV Network

Brief History of Trajectory TV

Trajectory TV & e360tv was founded and functions as a distributor of content for independent content creators and storytellers, both on-demand and live. Content creation is important for brand-building but having distribution is essential. That’s where we come into the picture, simultaneously distributing content across connected TVs, socials and personal devices. We do this for nominal costs to content creators to flatten the curve for independent creators so they can build and thrive without breaking the bank.

So What Is Trajector TV?

We get you places.
Trajectory TV's distribution network includes social, web and connected TV networks... all with one click.

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Why Are we here

It's Funny how life works.
We are not creators ourselves. We are your production and distribution partner that provide you a bigger stage in order to expand your reach, give your audience a better experience, and better position you for monetizing your message.

Double Offers

350 Mbps internet

( Free Installation )


Tv xstream Box Connection

( 1 month Free Trial )

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